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Omnibus liquor bill Minnesota Senate James Metzen Sunday Liquor Sales

Omnibus liquor bill up in Minnesota Senate | Sunday liquor sales amendment to be offered

The Senate appears to be in a hurry to vote on their version of the liquor bill. Sunday liquor sales will be introduced as a floor amendment this Thursday. Contact your Senator and ask them to support the Sunday Sales amendment. It is important to be polite, but make sure your Senator knows repealing the ban is important to you.

Sunday liquor sales run to Wisconsin

Run for the Border – SundaySalesMN.org

Supporters of ending the ban on Sunday alcohol sales will meet at the Minnesota State Capitol this Sunday (3/15) to send a message to legislators that the time has come to stop sending our money over the borders to Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and Iowa; the time has come to end Minnesota’s ban on Sunday alcohol sales.

Surly Beer Hall Opens

The Surly Beer Hall kitchen, led by Chef Jorge Guzman, is offering up a small, but mighty menu featuring a variety of chef-driven, beer-focused food items. “It’s fuckin’ awesome!” says the new Executive Chef describing the excitement to be a part of such a large project.

Steel Toe Growlers

Growler storage becoming annoying? We hear you.

Harriet Brewing will enthusiastically fill any clean growler. Indeed Brewing agrees, with a huge emphasis on clean, explains Tom, laughing. “We have EXACTING standards for cleanliness!”

Omnibus liquor bill offered to House with no ability to amend, passes after objections

A case of mistaken identity Somehow a gambling bill became a liquor bill Thursday when Rep Joe Atkins (D) added a bevvy of liquor provisions from the existing liquor omnibus…

Governor Mark Dayton says repeal Sunday liquor sales

Liquor Omnibus to finally be heard in Senate Tax Committee

Last we heard the Omnibus Liquor Bill might not get heard this session. But sometime over the weekend a Senate Tax Committee hearing was scheduled for 10am Monday, in Room…

City of Lakes

Minneapolis Election Day: November 5, 2013

Minneapolis election day is November 5, 2013. Minneapolis residents will have some tough choices to make. We don’t pretend that the stance a candidate takes on modernizing Minnesota liquor law should…

No Beer Tax

National Beer Excise Taxes – By the Numbers

STATE TAX RATES ON BEER EXCISETAX RATES ($ per gallon) GENERALSALES TAX APPLIES OTHER TAXES Alaska 1.07 n.a. Hawaii 0.93 Yes $0.54/gallon draft beer Minnesota (proposed) 0.90 — under 3.2%…