Liquor Omnibus to finally be heard in Senate Tax Committee

Last we heard the Omnibus Liquor Bill might not get heard this session. But sometime over the weekend a Senate Tax Committee hearing was scheduled for 10am Monday, in Room 112 at the Capitol.

The Senate Liquor Omnibus hearing being scheduled could mean a number of things for Minnesotans. It might mean the pressure to pass liquor provisions for the Vikings and TCF stadium is too great to ignore. More than likely it means that Sunday liquor sales opposition thinks they have the votes to get growler provisions for brewers removed from the bill.

Skoe, DFL-Clearbrook, said he opposes any form of alcohol sales on Sundays, and he’s not sure if he’ll hold a hearing on the bill this session.
MPR – April 11, 2014

Senate Tax Committee Chairman Skoe has said he opposes any form of alcohol sales on Sundays. It will be interesting to see if Chairman Skoe raises objections to the repealer that would  allow liquor and beer sales on Sundays at TCF stadium. Surely he knows the Minnesota Vikings play on Sundays…

It doesn’t look like the Teamsters are going to stop fighting Sunday liquor sales anytime soon. They have cranked up their political spin machine on twitter. They have heaped praises upon Miller Lite, bashed MN Craft Brewers Guild, and tried to take full credit for a cooperative effort to fight a proposed increase in liquor taxes last session.

The spin hasn’t helped much in the court of public opinion. Teamsters have been subject to questions about vagueness and unwillingness to compromise on Sunday sales. They have even been called out by their own members and supporters. 

Teamsters Joint Council 32 doesn’t have much to worry about when it comes to public perception, they can’t be voted out of office. However, lawmakers might want to distance themselves from an entity that bashes small Minnesota owned businesses only to sing the praises of South African owned Miller Lite. Who will they throw under the bus next?



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