Senate Tax Committee stripped Sunday growler sales from liquor omnibus

The Senate Tax Committee met this morning to finally hear the liquor omnibus. Unfortunately, the result was as expected. The Senate Tax Committee stripped Sunday growler sales from liquor omnibus after getting getting enough voice votes to do so.

What do Sunday growler sales have to with taxes?

It seems Chairman Skoe is opposed to Sunday growler sales because he feels Sunday growler sales could eventually impact some of property taxes that might be supplemented by municipal liquor stores.

Chairman Skoe’s argument against Sunday growlers is shaky at best. It sounds a bit like the old slippery slope fallacy. Sunday growlers would not mean Sunday liquor sales for other retailers, municipal or otherwise.

“Sunday sales is Sunday sales,” Skoe said. “They were going to do an incremental approach. This is the first step, and next year they’ll be looking at six packs; and then they’ll want cases, and pretty soon they’ll go beyond.”
MPR – May 5, 2014

Now what?

With well funded special interests like the Teamsters Joint Council 32 & MN Licensed Beverage Assoc. moving to have even the small Sunday provisions killed it has never been more important to call your legislators and tell them you support a full repeal of the ban on Sunday liquor sales. Find Your Legislators.

Floor Amendments

Over 4,000 Minnesotans have sent an email to their legislators through  A full repeal of Sunday liquor sales is gaining traction and many legislators are listening to the latest polls.  It is almost guaranteed that there will be floor amendments for full repeal on the House & Senate floor. If you want Sunday liquor sales passed you need to CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS!


Legislators should be expected to carry out the will of Minnesotans and repeal the ban Sunday liquor sales. Expect a full scorecard on how your elected officials voted on Sunday sales that you can take with you to the voting booth this coming November.



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