Omnibus liquor bill up in Minnesota Senate | Sunday liquor sales amendment to be offered

The MN Senate is scheduled to vote on omnibus liquor bill on Thursday

The Senate appears to be in a hurry to vote on their version of the liquor bill. Sunday liquor sales will be introduced as a floor amendment this Thursday. Contact your Senator and ask them to support the Sunday Sales amendment. It is important to be polite, but make sure your Senator knows repealing the ban is important to you.

Click here to find the contact info for your MN Senator (not U.S. Senator)

Governor Dayton supports Sunday sales, Speaker Daudt supports Sunday sales, Minnesotans support the repeal 2 to 1. Hard working Minnesotans deserve to be represented. Make sure your Senator supports retailer choice and consumer freedom. It’s time.

Other ways to help

Make a polite phone call to leadership

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk-

Senate Minority Leader David Hann

House Speaker Kurt Daudt-

Minority Leader Paul Thissen-

Governor Mark Dayton

In the Media

Star Tribune:

Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt said Friday that a measure to repeal the state’s ban on Sunday sales is guaranteed to come up on the House floor, and when it does, it has a more significant chance of passing than in previous years.

Minnesota Senate Media Services:

Senator Metzen, “…we will fight Sunday sales amendment on the Senate floor.”



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