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Why You Should Care About That Grain Belt Sign

You’ve probably already heard that Schell’s has bought the iconic Grain Belt Beer sign that overlooks the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. They plan to restore and re-light the sign by 2017. And if you’ve heard that, then you’ve almost definitely heard that Schell’s is planning to brew a new beer to celebrate this acquisition – a copper lager by the name of Lock & Dam Lager under the Grain Belt brand.

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All Tied up in Blue (Laws)

In 2011, it had been over 90 years since anyone could buy a pint directly from a Minnesota brewery due to Minnesota’s new taproom law this was about to change. …


Time Warp….Again

Been watching HBO on Sunday nights lately? Curious about how Steve Buscemi was able to run an empire from the boardwalk in Atlantic City? Now is your chance to enjoy…

Unintended Consequences: The Maine Law and Lager

As the Minnesota legislature contemplates a massive tax increase on brewers and distillers we may be reminded of a time in the 1920’s when state and federal governments decided to…