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Cured & Crafted: Pork and Beer, Everyone Wins

The rise of the beer/bacon pairing has become standard on many menus throughout the Twin Cities. On Thursday we get a chance to raise our taste bud standards a notch with a beer/prosciutto pairing. This is not any ordinary prosciutto; Prosciutto di Parma is one of the world most distinguished prosciutto’s. This is no ordinary pairing, either. Cured and Crafted is an event the will pit 8 of the best chefs in the metro area against each other in a cook off that will crown one the King of Parma.

Fulton Worthy Adversary

Fulton Worthy Adversary Returns

No, Worthy Adversary isn’t the winter weather, it is Fulton Brewing’s winter seasonal, a Russian Imperial Stout. This big boy comes in at 10% ABV and is perfect for drinking…

On Minnesota Brewery Taprooms and Sundays

A while back Fulton Brewery wanted to open their taproom on Sundays for Minnesota Twins games. Their Sunday ambitions were short lived. Shut it down, they were told. Surly Brewing…