Enki Brewing Team

ENKI Brewing 1st Anniversary and Celebration

ENKI Brewing Company has announced that the company will celebrate its first year of business by hosting an anniversary party in the ENKI taproom and brewery grounds. The party will start at noon on Saturday, June 21st,and continue through 11:00pm, featuring live music by the Tex Pistols, food by School of the Wise, and games. At 1:00pm ENKI Brewing will tap I ANNO ENKI ALE, a special anniversary ale. Everyone ages 21 and over is invited. No cover charge.

2014 Gambrinus Club Award

Minnesota home brewers earn acclaim at National Homebrew Conference

Several Minnesota homebrewers returned from AHA’s National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan with heads held high and awards held even higher. Over 8,000 brewers across the country took part…

spent grain

Eating Spent Grain: Primer

Spent grain in cooking primarily contributes a textural aspect. As a dried garnish atop a beef barley soup, it adds a bit of crunch. It adds a chewiness, a touch of roasty nuttiness, and some nice structural and textural changes to a loaf of bread. It can be used in soup or pancakes, ground into flour, used wet or dry, and even incorporated into cookies and pastries.

The Duluth Experience

Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad that likes beer

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad that enjoys beer. So, pretty much every Dad. Odds are good that Dad likes…

target beer aisle

Target begins selling liquor in Minnesota

According to Sam Black at Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Minnesota’s own Target Corporation is set to begin selling wine, liquor, and beer in the land of 10,000 lakes. The retail…

democratics visions

Democratic Visions on Minnesota Liquor Law

Mary Stanik: Minnesota Liquor Law Author, Democratic Visions commentator, and Minnpost contributor Mary Stanik gives her thoughts on the failure of a 2014 Minnesota legislative bill that would have permitted…

beer taps

Crowdfunding a brewery

Another week, another brewery, another crowdfunding campaign. It seems like not a week goes by without hearing about a new brewery in planning and the launch of their crowdfunding campaign….

Finch's Beer

Finch’s Beer Co. flies into the Minnesota beer market

Finch’s Beer Co. is making their Minnesota debut this week with a calendar full of events and tastings. Finch’s Beer Co. has been brewing quality craft beer in Chicago since…

Keep our beer money in MN

Legalize Sunday liquor sales in MN

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