Get Down…With The Wonderstuff

A few days have passed now since arguably the most influential being to come out of our fair state passed away. The man who was once identified only by a symbol is now existing on a higher plane. A void the size of the Mississippi River exists in many Minnesotans hearts. What does this have to do with beer you ask? Well they say that humor is the best medicine (I would argue beer does the job just fine). The creative crew at Bauhaus Brew Labs has stepped in with both. To commemorate a the release of their sublimely sippable “Wonderstuff Neü Bohemian Pilsner” in 12-packs, they’ve released what can only be described as this Prince meets Michael McDonald at Saints North. But enough of my rambling. I give you…Wonderstuff.

That was…surreal. And while a slickly produced music video may have been enough to move product back in the days of TRL, the Bauhaus crew is more than just flash. They have quite the refreshing beer that they’re now releasing in convenient 12-packs. Wonderstuff is Bauhaus’ decidedly modern take on a classic Bohemian (aka Czech) pilsner. While still as crisp and refreshing as its German counterpart, Bohemian pilsner is regarded by some as the perfect beer given its perfect balance between spicy hops and a rich, complex maltiness. Wonderstuff includes all of the hallmark characteristics of a classic Bohemian pilsner but includes a healthy dose of new world hop cultivars that give it a powerful citrus twist.

What does that mean to you the discerning, thirsty craft beer consumer? It means that starting the first week of next month, you’ll be able to plop yourself down in your happy place, let the sun hit your face, crack open one of these refreshing bad-boys, and invite the whole crew over for a funky good time. Your soundtrack…?



About the author

Born and raised in St. Paul, he fell in love with craft beer as many Minnesotans have, with his first sip of Surly Furious. He considers himself a beer geek who doesn't look down at those who don't happen to share his passion. Aspiring home brewer, and Certified Cicerone®, his love for craft beer knows no stylistic bounds. He can be found on Twitter @Taylor_Callais