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Sunday Liquor Sales and Interstate Commerce

During the lead up to the House vote on Sunday liquor sales last week, one representative made vague references to a Supreme Court case that could result in litigation if Minnesota was to pass the law.

Junkyard Brewing

The first beer Aaron Juhnke ever tasted was a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout back in his college days. Looking from his dark, thick, flavorful beer to his friends’ fizzy…

Fargo Brewing Logo

Beer Trip – Fargo Brewing Company

Fargo is not that different from Minneapolis: lots of local colleges, passionate sports fans, and food and beer lovers. Similar to Minneapolis, Fargo (and North Dakota as a whole) recently…

Du Nord Craft Spirits logo

Craft Spirits from Scratch: Du Nord Craft Spirits

Opening a distillery was an idea that bubbled up two years for husband and wife team Chris and Shanelle Montana, but it became a reality in the last year. Chris,…

Uban Growler

How to Appeal to [Female] Beer Enthusiasts

How to Appeal to [Female] Beer Enthusiasts Once, on Twitter, I brought up the fact that many beer labels feature scantily clad women in sexually suggestive positions, complaining that such…

Lacy S.

Beer versus Lady Beer

It seems clear now that although brewing is still a field dominated by men, women are making their way into that field quickly, in every area available. It goes without…

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The Heads and Hearts Behind Panther Distillery

Although we call ourselves Beer Activists, there are emerging issues in liquor law thanks to Panther Distillery. Panther is Minnesota’s first legal whiskey distillery since National Prohibition, and is located…

beer romance

Beer Lover Valentine’s Day

Obviously, men love beer. But thanks to the prominence of groups like Barley’s Angels and the Pink Boot Society, and the ladies who run Finnegan’s and have co-founded or helped…