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GABF - Grand Round Brewing Co

Our first time pouring beer at GABF – Grand Rounds Brewing Company

By Steve Finnie & Grand Rounds Brewing Company The anticipation of getting on a plane to Denver, Colorado, to pour four beers we brewed in Rochester, Minnesota, was substantial. Three…

11 wells distillery

So You Want to Start Your Own Distillery? Ten Key Legal Steps You Need to Take

Here are ten key steps to start your own distillery business on a sound legal foundation

The Rise of Craft Breweries [Infographic]

by Stephanie Kinney At, we’re proud to have served countless professionals in a wide variety of industries. Sometimes, it really seems like there’s a surety bond for everything! The brewing industry…

The SEC’s New General Solicitation Rule: Will it Really Help Breweries Raise Funds Faster?

By Jeffrey C. O’Brien Of all the legal issues involved with starting a brewery, none is more complicated, cumbersome, time consuming and costly than obtaining equity capital.  That’s due to…

Our Tweets Have Been Heard – #EnjoyBy 05.17.13 hits #MN

By Tucker Pearce Those of us in Minnesota love our IPA’s, there’s no doubt about it. It’s also true that some amazing IPA’s and IIPA’s are brewed right here in…

Stone - Enjoy By

No More Minnesota Nice – Give us our #EnjoyBy #MN

By Tucker Pearce In Minnesota we have waited patiently, as most Midwesterners do, for Enjoy By IPA from Stone Brewing Co. We don’t want to complain or cause too much…

Five Steps to Starting a Brewery in Minnesota — Legally

If you’re looking to start a brewery in Minnesota, you need more than a passion for beer and a thorough understanding of the science that goes into brewing. You must also understand the legal aspects that will affect your ability to manage a brewery.