Our Tweets Have Been Heard – #EnjoyBy 05.17.13 hits #MN

By Tucker Pearce

EnjoyByDatesThose of us in Minnesota love our IPA’s, there’s no doubt about it. It’s also true that some amazing IPA’s and IIPA’s are brewed right here in the state. With so many great IPA’s produced here in Minnesota why is there such a buzz behind Stone Brewing Co’s Enjoy By? First of all it’s FRESH. Many of us beer lovers like cellaring Stouts and other high alcohol beers, it’s cold a vast majority of the year so it makes sense. However when it comes to an IPA we realize that the fresher the beer is the better it is.
With Stone EnjoyBy IPA they take the freshness very seriously in fact it is printed right on the front of the bottle. In this case it’s 05.17.13 and the idea is that it must be consumed or at least sold by that date. I don’t see this being an issue in fact I worry it will fly off of shelves before myself and others have a chance to buy any due to the “daytime beer hunters”.EnjoyBy3
Going back to the freshness; this beer was bottled and kegged at Stone in California on Friday 04.12.13. Unlike some beers that may sit in a warehouse for days Enjoy By was loaded onto pallets and shipped out that very same day. Per a conversation with Hans Lofgren of Original Gravity the beer arrived in Minnesota at their distribution facility on Tuesday 04.16.13 and will make it to stores beginning Wednesday 04.17.13. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’ll take an IPA brewed six days ago in California.
In regards to quantity, according to Nate Sellergren (Upper-Midwest Brewery Representative @StoneBrewNate), we will be receiving a good amount of Enjoy By here in Minnesota. There will also be a number of tapings including the kickoff at Republic 7 Corners in Minneapolis on Wednesday 04.17.13. I hope to see many of you there at 5:00pm.
Finding Enjoy By
Nate also mentioned that you can go to www.stonebrewing.com/enjoyby for a list of stores and bars receiving Enjoy By and I’m guessing other events will also be posted by Original Gravity on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Keep up the Social Campaign
Last but not least make sure to add your photos of Enjoy By to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and include the hashtags #EnjoyBy #MN. The more we talk about this beer the more likely we are to get it back again.
Tucker Pearce writes for TwinCitiesCraftBeer.com, a site devoted to beer sold or produced in and around the Twin Cities. Tucker can be found on twitter at @Pearceweb