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democratics visions

Democratic Visions on Minnesota Liquor Law

Mary Stanik: Minnesota Liquor Law Author, Democratic Visions commentator, and Minnpost contributor Mary Stanik gives her thoughts on the failure of a 2014 Minnesota legislative bill that would have permitted…

Senate Tax Committee stripped Sunday growler sales from liquor omnibus

The Senate Tax Committee met this morning to finally hear the liquor omnibus. Unfortunately, the result was as expected. The Senate Tax Committee stripped Sunday growler sales from liquor omnibus…

Several Sunday liquor sales bills introduced as committee deadline approaches

Late last week Senator Roger Reinert (D) and House Deputy Minority Leader Jenifer Loon (R) held a press conference to introduce several bills to repeal Minnesota’s Sunday off-sale liquor prohibition….

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Sunday liquor sales, a call to action

MN Beer Activists are putting out a call to action for beer lovers across the state of Minnesota to help finally legalize the sale of liquor, wine, and beer on Sundays. 38 states…

Caucusing for Sunday Liquor sales

Time to get active! Minnesota Beer Activists are urging supporters of ending the prohibition on Sunday liquor sales to go out to the caucuses Tuesday evening and get involved. Minnesota’s…

Sunday Alcohol Sales Amendment Fails

Sadly, the Sunday sales amendment sponsored by Tina Liebling was shot down by both sides of the aisle. Watch video testimony here. Shortly after the vote House Minority Leader Kurt…

Sunday Liquor Sales on TPT Almanac

Almanac sits down with Sen Gazelka (R-Nisswa) and Sen Reinert (D-Duluth) for an in-depth conversation about Sunday liquor sales for Minnesota. Here a few choice quotes from the video: Reinert,…

Beer On Sunday

Sunday Sales Bill SF 0225 Introduced to Minnesota Senate

DFL Senator Roger Reinert and GOP Senator Jeremy Miller crossed party lines to author SF 0225, a bill to finally ease the prohibition on Sunday off-sale liquor purchases in Minnesota….