Sunday Sales Bill SF 0225 Introduced to Minnesota Senate

DFL Senator Roger Reinert and GOP Senator Jeremy Miller crossed party lines to author SF 0225, a bill to finally ease the prohibition on Sunday off-sale liquor purchases in Minnesota.

The bill would allow off-sale establishments to operate on Sundays if they choose to be open. In addition to Sundays, the bill would allow sales on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

“We are a free market society, consumers can make choices and people of faith who don’t want to shop on Sunday can make that choice, others who want to can,” said Sen. Reinert. “We just really don’t need the government telling a business when it can be open and when it can’t be.”

Sen. Reinert said it is all about giving the consumers what they want and giving businesses options. Sunday sales could generate anywhere between $15 million to $150 million in tax revenue.

Senator James P. Metzen

Senator James P. Metzen

After the initial reading the bill was referred to the Senate Commerce Committee.  If the Senate Commerce Committee Chair James P. Metzen (52, DFL) decides to hear the bill it will continue to move along in the political process; if not, the bill is likely to die before making it to the floor for discussion.





Source: WDIO – Duluth



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