Justin Strom, Artist: Science + Art = Beer

beer3 Justin Strom can do something no one else has ever accomplished in art before. His, never seen before, bubble technique has allowed him to capture two loves at the same time, paint and beer. The love he has for both has caused a three year drive to honor beer and push the boundaries of what paint can do. You can have a chance to view his work at The Pancakes and Booze event at The Loft in Barfly on April 6th.

Starting his craft as a home painter Justin rose to the demand of what his clients wanted of him. To rise up to the challenge he learned all he could about paint and how it worked. This started the desire to understand the science of paint and began the drive to do something with it that was never intended. This allowed him to develop him bubble technique.

Craft brewing fans will understand the desire to push what a thing can be (some of you may have tried Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale by Rouge…). “Good beer does not happen by accident, it is created, planned, developed thru failing and understanding every single ingredient and the all aspects of the process. This in a way is the same with art, you have to know your paint and your products and be willing to fail a few times to get it just right,” says Justin. This veteran home brewer applied this determination to the over three year search to perfect his technique.


Join Justin this Saturday for the debut of this new art form. You can see the paintings on the second floor of Barfly, The Loft, at 8pm. For further details follow this link. https://www.facebook.com/events/511395498888190/



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Aaron Konigsmark is a charlatan and a beer drinker. He does both unapologeticly. When not attending beer drinking functions he is an actor and does something that involves computers, products, and marketing to pay the rent. He's lived in Minneapolis for over 8 years. He was even at 1st Ave when Prince was there but didn't get to see him. Prost!