Surly Brewing Opens Brewer’s Table – A Stand-alone Fine Dining Experience at the Destination Brewery


Surly’s Upstairs Restaurant Offers an Adventurous Menu, Beer Pairings & Takes Reservations

The last couple years for Surly Brewing has been crazy. Massive new Destination Brewery, incredible production and distribution expansion, and beer garden and hall with a full kitchen, and constant collaborations. One might think Surly would be very content with all this. Nope. Never content to just go big, Surly always tries to go over the top with everything they do. That is certainly case with Brewer’s Table, the new finer dining restaurant from Surly Brewing Company.
Located upstairs from the regular Surly Brewing Beer Hall, the stand-alone restaurant premieres Friday, May 22. Brewer’s Table features an adventurous menu aimed at giving diners a full intimate eating and drinking experience at the facility.

Brewer’s Table falls within the Destination Brewery vision of Surly founder and president Omar Ansari to introduce a restaurant that explores new dishes and refined dining. Ansari says the name emphasizes the primary idea of the restaurant, where beer harmonizes with food to empower trailblazing pairings that showcase a pure and extensive representation of flavor profiles, of both food and beer.


“We’re presenting a graceful yet casual finer dining venue where patrons can enjoy and be challenged by elevated foods,” says Ansari. “The quality and thought that goes into the food reflects the same passion we put into Surly beer — it’s all about serving exceptional food with exemplary beer.”

Ansari’s team on the project includes head brewer Todd Haug, hospitality director Linda Haug and executive chef Jorge Guzman.

“We are excited to introduce a dining experience where diners will have access to truly inspired plates that can be enjoyed in a comfortable and non-pretentious atmosphere.” says Linda Haug. “We are taking things to the next level yet still being accessible.”

Guzman and his chef de cuisine developed the menu for diners to enjoy dishes that can be easily shared or savored separately. The menu is Contemporary American. In beer terms that is akin to saying a beer is an American Strong Ale. It is a fairly ambiguous definition, but it tends to focus on ingredients, flavors, and execution. The Surly brand has never focused on staying within the style guidelines.

“The menu really sets us apart because of the challenge in pairing our food specifically with beer,” says Guzman. “Our goal is to take people to new territory when it comes to food meeting beer.”

Surly MenuLook for the menu to change often. Not only does this keep the dining experience fresh, but it is necessary with the focus on getting ingredients from local or well-sourced farms.

Like the Beer Hall beneath it and every taproom in Minnesota, Brewer’s Table may only serve Surly beers — and while this is necessary to adhere to state law, why wouldn’t they? Guests may ask servers will assistance if they would like to ensure their food selection is paired with the suggested Surly beer. Of course, food and beer pairing isn’t always about the perfect bite. Everyone has a unique palate. Do not be afraid to blaze your own trail. But, maybe save that for your second trip. I would certainly take the guided tour before exploring on my own.
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The space is located directly upstairs in the Beer Hall. It seats 85 and has an additional seats at the bar and outdoor deck. One of the nicest perks of this new space is the ability make a reservation. If you have tried to hit the Surly beer hall during peak hours you know it can be a wait. And while Brewer’s Table does some have walk up seating, you can make dinner plans ahead of time via open table.

Brewer’s Table opens this Friday, May 22nd. The restaurant hours are 5–10 p.m., Wednesday–Thursday, and 5­–11 p.m., Friday–Saturday.



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