Sunday Liquor Sales MN Senate Vote Count – #SundaySalesMN

Minnesota Senators need to hear from you!

The House passed a bill repealing the Sunday liquor sales ban. The Senate Commerce Committee approved their version with a recommendation to pass it. On Monday, the full Senate will likely hear the bill to repeal the ban on Sunday off-sale liquor sales in Minnesota. LET’S MAKE SURE MINNESOTA CONSUMERS HAVE THE VOTES!

What to do

  • Call and email your Senator and politely ask them to support Sunday liquor sales. Be polite, and let them know you expect a reply with their position. You can find their contact information below. Click HERE if you are not sure who represents you,
  • Let us know if your Senator is voting to repeal the ban on Sunday liquor sales, or if they are representing special interests.
  • Be sure to be polite. Thank your Senator if they plan on representing their constituents by voting yes.

Sunday Liquor Sales Senate vote 2017

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