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MN Thirteen Whiskey

11 Wells Spirits opens this weekend in Saint Paul

Bob McManus and Lee Egbert are set to throw open the garage doors and introduce 11 Wells Spirits to the world with an open house this Saturday from 12-4pm. Located in the old Hamm’s Brewery complex, the open house will be the first time the Saint Paul distillery will officially be open to the public.

friends bring beer

Minnesota Companies are Offering Furloughed Federal Employees Beer to Ease the Pain

Brewers might be affected a little bit by the current work federal furlough, but we all know it is the workers and contractors that are taking it in the shorts….

Saint Paul city hall

Saint Paul Hearing on Taprooms

Saint Paul City council members Russ Stark and Amy Brendmoen have introduced a resolution that will modify zoning to allow smaller breweries to have taprooms in traditional neighborhood and commercial…

Vine Park at Midway Stadium

4th Annual Vine Park Brewing Photo Contest

Once again Vine Park Brewing Co is inviting you to win a FREE batch of beer or wine by entering their 4th Annual Photo Contest. Submit one or more digital…

Ward 6 Sign

An Eastside Ghost Becomes a New Local Haunt

At one time, not too long ago, St Paul was a force in the beer brewing scene of the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota. Downtown St Paul had many…