4th Annual Vine Park Brewing Photo Contest

Once again Vine Park Brewing Co is inviting you to win a FREE batch of beer or wine by entering their 4th Annual Photo Contest.

Submit one or more digital photos before April 1st and they will pick the winner.
Rules are very simple:

  • The photo must include the Vine Park logo somewhere in it AND communicate the idea of having fun!
  • The photo must be taken on your winter vacation or stay-cation between now and the entry deadline.
  • Judges decision will be based upon what ever photo they like best.
  • All photos will become property of Vine Park and can be used for marketing purposes such as posting to our Facebook page or used in a future email.
  • Lobbying Vine Park to pick your photo is ok; especially if you get lots of people to “like” your photo when it is posted on Facebook.
  • And, of course the winning photo will NOT be something too indecent…which is not to say you can’t submit them.
  • The VPBC Logo can be anything (creativity counts) from a T-shirt, a drawing in the sand, scratched in a frosty window pane, or a temporary tattoo…to be honest a real tattoo would be impressive but don’t do anything you’d regret.

Check out some of the entries from past years on our Facebook Photo Albums
2012 Photo Contest
2010 Photo Contest

Submit your entries to newsletter at vinepark.com with Subject Line: Photo Contest

Go to Vine Park Brewing Company on Facebook for official rules and details



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