Minnesota Companies are Offering Furloughed Federal Employees Beer to Ease the Pain

friends bring beerBrewers might be affected a little bit by the current work federal furlough, but we all know it is the workers and contractors that are taking it in the shorts. Minnesota companies are offering furloughed federal employees beer to ease the pain.

According to an AP article via KARE 11 Saint Paul bars The Liffey, Burger Moe’s, Tom Reid’s, and Eagle Street Grille are all offering the first round of beer on the house for furloughed federal employees that can provide an ID showing their circumstances.

Even St. Paul Mayor Coleman endorsed the move via twitter.

Vine Park Brewery, Minnesota’s only brew on premise facility, is also offering a discount to federal employees feeling the crunch. Vine Park will take $25.00 off any Wine or Beer made at Vine Park Brewing Co for any federal employee on furlough while the shutdown lasts. the only caveat is that the Brewing & wine making must take place during the furlough.

“Sending willing workers home to do nothing is foolish. We want them to take their mandatory “free” time and do something fun that saves them some money.”
– Daniel Justesen, Owner, Brew Coach at Vine Park Brewing Co.

In Minnesota, when our neighbors are going through a tough time we say, “Come have a beer with me, I’m with you.” I hope this never changes about us. It is one of the many reasons I’m proud to live in Minnesota.



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