SW Craft Bar Brings Traditional Cask Ale to the Green Line

Formerly known as Señor Wong, SW Craft Bar continues their rebranding with the addition of a cask ale system and beer engine. Having already expanded their craft beer selection to 25 lines, the addition of cask ale will give customers added variety.

“We are really looking forward to showcasing cask beer,” says Son Truong, owner of SW Craft Bar. “Having a cask system will allow us to be even more diverse in our craft beer offerings.”

SW Craft Bar Cask Ale

Summit Sága IPA on Amarillo at SW Craft Bar

Cask ale is anything but new. All beer was served via cask before the industrialization of beer. Many craft brewers still make cask beer as a nod to tradition and because it allows them to be creative in small batches. Nowadays, cask beer is often made with special additional ingredients that set them apart from their mainstream counterparts. It is not uncommon to find fruit, sugar, spices, or additional hops in casks, usually as additions and variations to a standard beer offering. You aren’t likely to find beer that is made exclusively for cask anymore, current production and methods are geared to larger batches.

Located just off the LRT Green Line in St Paul’s Lowertown, SW Craft Bar will be showcasing all the fun and creativity cask beer has to offer every week. This week the cask is Bent Paddle’s Lollygagger Pale Ale on Citra Hops. 5 percent of all Lollygagger sales to Duluth’s cycling organization COGGS to help them reach their goal to create the first 100+ mile system of singletrack all within an urban environment – the Duluth Traverse Bike System. The release also coincides with the Twin Cities Jazz Festival.



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