Lost Falls Distillery Begins Kickstarter Funding Drive

Nils Collins & Brian Nackerud are starting a craft distillery in Minneapolis, and they need your help to fund it. The new Lost Falls Distillery is planned to go into CityFoodStudio, a shared space on Chicago Ave, in south Minneapolis.

The duo has bunch of recipes planned, including a dark cherry rum, but they can’t get started without the necessary equipment. In return for funding the project the guys are offering a bunch of handmade, union, and USA-made incentives based on the level of giving. The giving incentives range from stickers and tumblers, and go all the way up to a handmade liquor cabinets, and more. Sadly, you can’t get any of their forthcoming spirits. Giving alcohol as a funding reward is against kickstarter’s rules.

Watch the video below and consider funding the project. It is time Minnesota had some craft distillers to go along with our craft brewers.

Lost Falls Distillery Kickstarter

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