Fulton Brewery Patio Grand Opening

Fulton BeerPatio season in Minnesota started a few months ago, but this Friday at 3pm Fulton Beer Co gets in on the action. They have been working for the past few months on a patio expansion. The space is decked out with landscaping from Tangletown Gardens and expanded bicycle parking.

If you have ever stopped into the Fulton taproom at peak hours you know things can be a little tight. This patio expansion should give you a little more elbow room when you swing by this North Loop landmark. As if you needed an excuse drop by!

To celebrate the patio opening they will have all their beers available (excluding collaborations and taproom one-offs). The patio party will take place in conjunction with neighborhood events North Loop fest & Crayfest. Sounds like a good time!

Checkout the Fulton Beer Blog for all the details.



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