Duluth Beer Scene Grows with Blacklist Expansion Announced

We’ve got to admit… the Blacklist expansion announced today has got us very excited. Not only do we get to see our good friends expand their business but we also get to see another important example of Duluth’s craft beer scene solidifying its status as a serious beer town… some even call it Duluth Beer City.

With Blacklist Expansion Comes Expanding Excitement for Duluth Beer

Blacklist Brewing Tour Group

Early Duluth Experience tour at Blacklist’s warehouse space. Far left is co-founder Jon Loss.

We’ve been introducing our guests to Blacklist’s Belgian-inspired beers since our first tours in 2013 and they’ve always been one of the most exciting locations for us to visit. Founded in 2012 and situated in a modest warehouse space located in Duluth’s Central Hillside, the brewery has expanded their operations at a modest pace… until now. An epic Blacklist expansion has begun!

Today the Team at Blacklist – including co-founders Brian Schanzenbach and Jon Loss and parter TJ Estabrook – announced that they’ve solidified plans to expand their operations… substantially. They’ll be leaving behind their warehouse space for a bigger and more ideal location in Duluth’s Historic Arts and Theater District. With an expanded production capacity and a Superior St. taproom in Duluth’s Downtown, this small artesian brewery has truly set the stage for an amazing craft beer experience.

And you can bet that The Duluth Experience will be there to bring you behind-the-scenes once the new space is operational! Check out Blacklist’s press release below for more info.

Visit the Blacklist website to learn more about this exciting Duluth brewery.

PRESS RELEASE: Blacklist Expands into Iconic Building on Superior Street

Blacklist Brewing

Co-founder and head brewer Brian Schanzenbach busy mashing in.

DULUTH, MN – The New Year rings in new growth in Duluth’s craft brewing community, as construction begins on a fresh brewery and taproom for Blacklist Artisan Ales at 120 East Superior Street. The fully-remodeled 5,700 square foot space represents a major expansion for Blacklist, which has enjoyed growing notoriety for high-quality artisan ales.

“This move allows us to expand production while continuing to experiment with new ales, in a setting that leaves us more accessible and better connected to our customers,” said Brian Schanzenbach, founding partner and head brewer.

Jon Loss, founding partner and marketing director stated, “We are thrilled to be securing a space in Duluth’s Historic Arts and Theater District, a HART District location aligns with our goal to further solidify our place in Duluth’s dynamic craft brewing and arts community”.

Originally built as the Delray Hotel in 1908, this historic building in downtown Duluth suffered a period of neglect after becoming the home of the notorious Last Place on Earth. The building was forfeited to federal authorities in 2013 after its owner was sentenced to prison. Titanium Partners has since purchased and invested heavily in returning the building to its former glory, salvaging and showcasing the building’s unique and historic architectural features. Blacklist Artisan Ales will serve as the flagship tenant in the newly remodeled building.

“We couldn’t be more proud to welcome Blacklist to this revitalized part of our vibrant downtown,” said the newly elected Mayor Emily Larson, “Blacklist embodies the spirit of Duluth’s craft culture. Whether we’re talking about better beers or better neighborhoods, we come together to make things better.”

Blacklist expects to be fully moved into its new space by summer 2016 with a grand opening to be announced.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Blacklist and the other great breweries that comprise The North Shore Craft Beer Scene, please visit our Brewery Tour Page and book a brewery tour with The Duluth Experience!

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