Beer Careers

Yes, we all know you have always wanted to work in a brewery. Here is your chance. The beer industry is growing in Minnesota and across the nation. That growth brings jobs and opportunity. Good luck in your endeavors, just please don’t waste the time of people making delicious beer by applying if you are not qualified.

Omni Brewing is looking for a Taproom Lead!careers/

Upstart Modist Brewing is looking to fill a variety of positions.

Jackpine Pine Brewery is hiring a Taproom Manager.!careers/c22hx

Forthcoming Cedar Island Brewing is looking for a brewer.

Schell’s is filling the position of MN Distribution Manager.

Summit Brewing in St.Paul needs an Inventory Control Assistant

Insight Brewing is looking for a Head Brewer

LynLake Brewery is hiring a General Manager.

Did we miss any beer jobs? Add them to the comments section below.



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