Brewers of British Beers Bust Out The Cans

Northeast Minneapolis favorites, NorthGate Brewing are the latest Minnesota brewer to add cans to their beer serving arsenal. Bitter Fool IPA, Maggie’s Leap, Pumpion, and Get Together are all available in the portable and arguably superior vessel. Ok, maybe it’s not an argument really. Cans block out all UV light, are more durable, and little to no air gets in, thereby preventing the decaying effects of oxidation. But I digress. Check out these brews!
Bitter Fool IPA: Bitter Fool IPA features a strong biscuit malt base, balanced out with a tropical fruit and herbal profile provided by the one of England’s newest hops, Jester. Bitter Fool IPA brings new world flavor to this British IPA. New hops. New BRITISH hops. Perfect for cheering on your favorite team or drowning your sorrows if they lose. C’mon, this is a Minnesota beer after all.
SRM: 9, ABV: 7.3% IBU: 70, Fl. Oz.: 16

Now on Nitro!

northgate-on-nitroMaggie’s Leap: Maggie’s Leap is NorthGate’s take on a traditional Milk Stout, made unique by exclusively serving it on nitrogen. Coffee roast flavor leads the way, supported by milk chocolate and residual sweetness presented on a soft palate. Did I forget to mention that this is Minnesota’s first nitro stout in a can? Seems as though a certain Irish behemoth may have some competition.
SRM: 38, ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 26 Fl. Oz.: 22

Pumpion: Pumpion – which is the Old English term for “pumpkin” – is our seasonal pumpkin spice beer. The addition of seasonal spices in the kettle combined with real pumpkin and vanilla result in the delicious taste of pumpkin pie with an English Pale Ale base. Sounds like the perfect beer for bonfire season.
SRM: 9, ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 38, Fl. Oz.: 22

Get Together: Get Together has an alcohol by volume (ABV) that could be considered passive, yet features an aggressive hop flavor. Overall, it’s an IPA that’s made for all of Minnesota. While the State Fair is in the rear view mirror, this beer that shares it’s nickname is here to stay.
SRM: 8, ABV: 4.4, IBU: 50, Fl. Oz: 16

These tasty brews are available right at the brewery or at a finer bottle, ahem, can shop near you.



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