Your First Peek At 2016 Surly Darkness Art

Darkness Falls Early

Like a beer geek guarding his cellar, so to did the legendary Cerberus guard the gates of the Underworld. The artwork for the annual Surly Darkness release has become quite legendary as well. Mummies, vampires, zombies and other such macabre creatures have graced the cover of this sought after stout. This year? Make way for the hounds of hell.

Minnesota-based artist, Adam Martin of BlueApple Studio fame has tapped into Greek mythology for inspiration in the latest edition of this sinister bottle art. When asked about how he felt being given the honor to cement his reputation among beer geeks far and wide, Mr. Martin said,

“I experienced equal parts excitement and fear after finding out I got the Darkness project. My hope is that what I made is well received by the community, and that it feels at home with the amazing Darkness illustrations from previous years.”

I think it’s a perfect addition to the Darkness artwork anthology. Mean as hell? Check. Would look great on a poster? Check. Just a touch of metal befitting a brewery that is lead by a headbanging guitarist (check out the skull inside the middle hound’s mouth). Check.

Some would say it’s what’s on the outside that counts, and with beer they may be right. Don’t over look this one however. Grab a bottle and really take in the hellish brilliance of the new bottle. You’ve only got 5 months to wait…

Surly Darkness 2016



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Born and raised in St. Paul, he fell in love with craft beer as many Minnesotans have, with his first sip of Surly Furious. He considers himself a beer geek who doesn't look down at those who don't happen to share his passion. Aspiring home brewer, and Certified Cicerone®, his love for craft beer knows no stylistic bounds. He can be found on Twitter @Taylor_Callais