Summit Brews Up A Classic to Celebrate 30 Years

Summit Brewing is downshifting for their latest 30th anniversary brew. The Minnesota brewing pioneers kicked off their dirty thirty celebration by releasing a critically acclaimed double IPA. For an encore they’ve gone old school.

Just in time for summer, Summit 30th Anniversary Keller Pils is locked, stocked and ready to become your go-to beer of the Summer. Wyeast Laboratories, based in Oregon, sourced a traditional private collection Munich lager yeast strain, a the perfect canvas. Next, German Barke malts supply malty-sweet and honey undertones. Starting to get the picture? Yeah, you can see it, your favorite patio, that perfect Minnesota summer day, and this beer. But I digress. Now it’s hops turn. Tettnang, a slightly spicy and traditional noble hop variety brings balance and subtle bitterness to this party.

“For our anniversary year, we wanted to focus on the three C’s of quality: consistency, creativity and community,” said head brewer Damian McConn. “By working closely with our malt, hop and yeast suppliers, we’re able to produce four special beers that exemplify this motto.”

Combining that classic pilsner malt with traditional and modern German hop varieties in Summit’s copper brewhouse has allowed its brewers to produce a superb German-style pilsner, served unfiltered to allow for more flavor and character in the final glass.

And food? This beer isn’t just patio pounding (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It brings a bracing, palate-cleansing bitterness that refreshes. This beer is at home in the sea. Crab, clams, shrimp, oysters and lobster are accentuated. Spicy wings from your favorite neighborhood bar will find an equal pairing in this beer. And while it may not be a dead on pairing, you know want a hot dog with everything.

Keep an eye out for this one, on draught, in six-packs, 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, and at the following release parties:

Hops for Cops at Boom Island – 2 p.m.-5 p.m., Sunday, May 22; fundraiser for Minneapolis Mounted Police in collaboration with Ruth’s Chris
Elwoods – 5 p.m., Thursday, May 26
Hop 21 – 7 p.m., Thursday, June 2; ping pong tournament featuring $5 Summit pints
Mission American Kitchen & Bar – 4 p.m., Thursday, June 16

So fire up the grill, get out to your favorite patio, and make sure you’ve got a cold Summit 30th Anniversary Keller Pils in your glass.



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