The Small BREW Act (HR 494) with Jon Messier from Lucid Brewing

We recently had chance to talk with Jon Messier from Lucid Brewing about The Small BREW Act (HR 494). The Small Brew Act is a federal bill that would lower the small brewer excise tax on the first 60,000 barrels by 50 percent (from $7.00 to $3.50/barrel) and institute a new rate $16.00 per barrel on beer production above 60,000 barrels up to 2 million barrels. The bill has bipartisan support, and was coauthored by House Representative Erik Paulsen (R-MN).

For more information on the The Small BREW Act (HR 494) visit the Brewer’s Association. More about Representative Paulson’s visit to Lucid Brewing can be found here. To let your legislators know you support the Small BREW Act enter your address HERE and contact your U.S. representatives. This is a national bill, so local legislators won’t want to hear about it.



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