Bill to Repeal Minnesota Ban on Sunday Liquor Sales Clears First Big Hurdle

Step 1: Pass House Commerce – Complete

Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie) passed an amended bill to repeal Minnesota’s ban on Sunday liquor sales (H.F. 30) through the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday. The bill was amended to limit Sunday hours to 10am – 6pm (a single working shift) and prohibit alcohol products from being delivered on Sundays.

The bill passed 15-4, with dissenters being: – Rep. Jon Applebaum (DFL-Minnetonka), Rep. Greg Davids (R-Preston), Rep. Sheldon Johnson (DFL-St. Paul) and Rep. Chris Swedzinski (R-Ghent).

Step 2: Pass House – Next

The House will need to approve the bill that was passed out of committee. There is a possibility for further amendments, but votes that have been opposed in the past are on board with the current language.

“I think that this issue has been ripe for compromise for years,” said Rep. Laurie Halverson, DFL-Eagan. She voted against the repeal last year on the floor but voted for it in committee Tuesday.
Pioneer Press – January 17, 2017

Step 3: Senate Commerce Hearing – Maybe?

It is typical for a bill to pass through committee before being heard on the floor. Via committee is the traditional path and the one with the greatest odds of success. Senate Commerce Chair Gary Dahms has been noncommittal on a hearing.

State Sen. Gary Dahms, R-Redwood Falls, said Tuesday that he, personally, is not a supporter of lifting the ban and was not yet sure whether the committee he chairs — where the Sunday Sales ban would typically be heard — will hold a hearing on the issue.
Pioneer Press – January 17, 2017

Step 4: Senate Floor

Sunday liquor sales could be offered as an amendment on the Senate floor if Sen. Dahms (R-Redwood Falls) won’t hear it in committee. This would not be an ideal path, but the votes may already be there.

“Do I think I have 34 right now? I think I’m pretty close,” said Sen. Dave Osmek, R-Mound. Bills need 34 votes — a majority — to win Senate approval. “There is a culture changing here that we want to let businesses make decisions for themselves…It is a very populist issue.”
Pioneer Press – January 17, 2017

Step 5: A Bill Becomes a Law

Governor Dayton is on record as being unopposed to Sunday liquor sales. He reaffirmed his stance this week.

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton said he believes the public wants Sunday sales, and he’s willing to sign the bill or let it become law without his signature. – January 17, 2017

How to Help: Contact your legislators.

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