Harriet Brewing now filling any growler


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South Minneapolis craft brewery Harriet Brewing has announced that they will now fill any CLEAN growler customers bring into the brewery.

The change comes as a result of the Growler Freedom Bill authored by Sen Reinert, Sen. Osmek, and Rep M. Anderson.

“I’m happy to announce the Governor has signed the Omnibus Liquor bill into law on May 13, making the Sunday tap rooms and growler refill provisions effective immediately,” Sen. Reinert said. He added, “While there remains much more work to be done in Minnesota on the Sunday Sales issue, these small provisions are a step in the right direction and will lead to greater economic opportunity for our booming craft brew industry.”

The ability to refill growlers has always technically been legal, but many Minnesota craft brewers were hesitant to refill them without explicit permission. Brewers that choose to refill growlers (and it is a choice) will likely use some sort of sticker or label to cover the existing branding on refilled growlers and meet labeling requirements. And of course, don’t try to get your growlers filled on a Sunday, that would be just crazy…

To get all the details on Harriet Brewing’s revised growler policy follow this link.

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