Du Nord Craft Spirits wins Triple Gold Medal for L’etoile Du Nord Vodka

Triple Gold Du Nord Craft SpiritsCompeting against distilleries from all over the world, Minneapolis Du Nord Craft Spirits, L’etoile Du Nord Vodka, took home a Triple Gold Medal for Taste, the highest award possible, and a Bronze Medal for Packaging in the 2014 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards. The awards are only open to distillers that produce less than 50,000 bbls of spirits annually. The Triple Gold Medal award is presented when all judges award a gold medal to one spirit, no small feat.

“It’s humbling to be selected for a triple gold. It’s nice to know that a small shop like ours stands out” said Du Nord co-owner and distiller Chris Montana.

L’etoile Du Nord Vodka is the first product from Du Nord Craft Spirits. The vodka has only been on the market since May of 2014. L’etoile Du Nord Vodka is the only vodka on the market using both corn and sugar beet sugar as a base. Du Nord Craft Spirits prides itself on being local: the corn comes from co-owner Shanelle Montana’s family farm in Ivanhoe and Cold Spring, MN, and the sugar beets are grown in Minnesota’s Red River Valley. L’etoile Du Nord is hand crafted at the south Minneapolis distillery.

“Minnesota has great natural resources that help to craft great products,” said co-owner Shanelle Montana, “we always thought L’etoile stood up to the very best on the market and now we have proof.”

The next liquor from Du Nord’s will be Fitzgerald Gin. The Gin is set to be released in August of 2014. Fitzgerald will be a limited release product with the final formula to be decided by visitors to the soon-to-open cocktail room.



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