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Sunday sales hearings for brewers only

Senate Commerce and House Commerce Committees heard several bills related to liquor, wine, and beer in Minnesota. Chairs of the commerce committees tend to only want to hear bills that…

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The legislature is quickly approaching the committee deadline. House and Senate commerce chairs have not yet to added a full repeal version of Sunday liquor sales, or a local option…

Several Sunday liquor sales bills introduced as committee deadline approaches

Late last week Senator Roger Reinert (D) and House Deputy Minority Leader Jenifer Loon (R) held a press conference to introduce several bills to repeal Minnesota’s Sunday off-sale liquor prohibition….

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Duluth Senator Roger Reinert to host a Sunday liquor sales twitter conversation

#SundaySalesMN #ChatWithRoger Duluth Senator Roger Reinert (D) @RogerForDuluth has announced plans to host a twitter conversation on Sunday liquor sales Thursday afternoon. The conversation will start at 12:15pm and use the…

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Sunday liquor sales, a call to action

MN Beer Activists are putting out a call to action for beer lovers across the state of Minnesota to help finally legalize the sale of liquor, wine, and beer on Sundays. 38 states…

Caucusing for Sunday Liquor sales

Time to get active! Minnesota Beer Activists are urging supporters of ending the prohibition on Sunday liquor sales to go out to the caucuses Tuesday evening and get involved. Minnesota’s…

Senator Roger Reinert (D - Duluth)

Duluth Senator Roger Reinert on Sunday liquor sales in the 2014 legislative session

Senator Roger Reinert (D – Duluth) talks about why 2014 is the year to pass Sunday Liquor Sales.

Prohibition agents destroying barrels of alcohol

Prohibition – Where are we now?

January 17th, 1920, the 18th Amendment, commonly known as prohibition, went into effect. The Amendment effectively outlawed the manufacture, sale, transportation, or importation of intoxicating liquors across the nation. The change…