Historic Hamm’s Brewery Could be the New Home of Flat Earth Brewing

Flat Earth Brewing Co. is looking to move, move on up to a bigger space.

You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

Yes, this month is about Minnesota, but to ignore Oktoberfest, would be to ignore the elephant in the room.

New Surly Brewing Site Likely Hinges on Environmental Remediation Grant Approval

Surly Brewing is hoping to build on the site of a former food processing plant near University Ave. in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. However, there is several million dollars worth of clean up to do before Minnesota’s dream brewery can become a reality.

Harriet Brewing Rauchfest Contest Results

Congrats to Jeff & Emily, winners of the Harriet Brewing Rauchfest ticket contest. Checkout the winning picture submissions

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. Selects Local Distribution Partner

“It isn’t just about delivering beer, we enjoy the relationships with our retail partners,”
says Dan Schwarz, CEO, Lift Bridge Brewing Co. “We have come a long way from
delivering beer out of the back of a mini-van. This is a big step forward and we are
excited to work with the team…

You’re Bringing What to My Party?!

This week we’re traveling across the state to Mankato Brewery in Mankato, Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis, and Flat Earth Brewing in Saint Paul.

Harriet Rauchfest Ticket Contest

We had a couple tickets to Rauchfest fall in our hands, so we decided to have a ticket contest.

Mankato Brewery Releases First in Center Street Series

The malt is the key to Center Street Series #1 with the hops taking a break. Much like its German inspired relatives, you see its brilliant amber color and smell its rich malt base. The flavor follows the aroma, and is toasty with a touch of sweetness and a slight noble hop presence.