Summit Brewing Company announces the release of Unchained 11: Old 152

Unchained 11: Old 152 Kentucky Common

Summit Brewing Company just announced the release of Old 152, the eleventh beer produced in its limited-time-only Unchained Series. Old 152 was created by brewer Eric Harper, who also crafted the fourth Unchained beer, Belgian Style Golden Ale. It will be available in draught and bottles the week of Oct. 22.

“This Unchained beer is based on Kentucky Common, a popular beer style in and around Louisville pre-prohibition,” said Harper. “The style disappeared after prohibition in favor of the lagers that we’re familiar with today. Old 152 will feature Cluster hops, one of the only hop varieties available in the U.S. in the late 1800s and early 1900s.”

Unchained 11 is named Old 152 after the official steam engine of the state of Kentucky. The beer pours a chestnut color with a slight haze and exhibits flavors of biscuit, toast and rye. Kentucky Common beers traditionally feature a “sour mash,” also used in the process of making another Kentucky staple: bourbon. Old 152 itself will not be sour but will feature crisp, caramel notes and a clean bitterness.

Old 152 Specs:
AVB: 5.8%
IBU: 55
Color: Chesnut
Hops: Cluster, Northern Brewer (Dry hopped: Cluster)
Malts/Grains: Pale Malt, Victory®, Crystal Medium, Rye Malt, Distillers Malt, White Wheat, Maize



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