Will you beer my valentine?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Make sure you include your true love, beer, on this special day. Here are a few ideas in case you need romantic inspiration.

At The Heart Of Winter- A Beer & Metal Love Story

Our friends at Nomad World Pub are big on music & big on craft beer, the two forces collide on a regular basis at Nomad, but it is a little more special this week. This heavy metal event features limited release beers, Into The Void DJ’s spinning records, give-aways and more. The event starts at 7pm.

Get down in Uptown

Start your romantic day at Herkimer Brewery and Pub with a few drams from the cask of ruby red infused red ale, or grab a cocktail from their special Valentine’s Day drink menu. Then, wander down to Muddy Waters, Bryant-Lake Bowl, and end your evening with steak and lobster at Uptown Tavern & Rooftop (call for reservations).

Pairing as a pair

One of the best ways to spend a romantic evening is sipping and sampling with your mate. Stop into a nice liquor store and ask for a few different beers to combine with classic treats like chocolates and strawberries. Or, take a few guesses on some flavor combinations you think you’ll both enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is grab an assortment of cured meats and cheeses and see what items pair best with a favorite beer. If you get some good beer and good snacks there is no way to mess this up. The best part of pairing with a partner is comparing flavors and discussing the experience while you indulge yourselves.



About the author

Andrew is just a guy that likes beer. You can usually find him on the twitters or spending time with his family.