Surly Nation Heads West

Starting May 2016, several selections from Twin Cities-based craft brewery behemoth, Surly Brewing, will be available on draft and shelves in 3 new states.

After dominating the Minnesota craft beer scene for several years, Surly began expanding its distribution 18 months ago starting with Chicago, Iowa, and Wisconsin, now they’re adding North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska to their distribution list.

Surly Fest 2014

Surly Fest 2014

Furious, Hell and Overrated will be featured on tap in bars and restaurants. An assortment of cans, including Bender, Coffee Bender, Furious, Hell, Cynic, Todd The Axe Man, and Overrated will be available for retail. Exact dates and locations will be listed on the brewery’s website.

The new distribution plan comes after years of NoDak, SoDak and Nebraskan Surly fans contacting the brewery, wanting to be able to buy their beers in their home states.
Surly plans to engage with their new communities by introducing itself to the three new markets with programs of events, showcases and ‘Surly Gives A Damn’ projects across the respective states.

Johnson Brothers, Surly’s existing distributor, will handle the beer in North Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of South Dakota, with the rest of South Dakota being handled by Global Distributing.



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