Sisyphus Brewing – Batch #50.50

On October 21st, I met Sam Harriman, Owner and Brewer at Sisyphus Brewing, on a brew day to watch and discuss batch #50.50. This special brew is Sam’s 50th batch of beer. It is an American Imperial Stout expected to come in around 10.50% ABV. It was brewed with a combination of black and chocolate malts coupled with roasted barley, flaked barley, and Chinook hops.

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This American Imperial Stout is labeled batch #50.50 as a nod to the production number and method. Instead of making his usual single two-barrel batch, Sam brewed 2 single-barrel batches and combined them. Sam typically brews two-barrel batches in his three-barrel mash tun. However, all the grain required to make this higher gravity beer would not all fit into a single batch without the risk of a serious boil-over. So, batch #50 was split, 50/50.

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The recipe for this milestone beer was adapted from a homebrew recipe that Sam came up with a few years ago. He developed it for an annual holiday party that he hosts with his wife. This is the first time that he has brewed it on this scale. And, this is the first time anyone will have the opportunity to have a beer this big from Sisyphus.

As far as the taste, Sam expects is to be “more roast forward and …more of a bitter bite”…than what people might be used to in a sweeter-style Russian Imperial Stout. I, for one, am interested in a black, roasty beer with a nice hop profile.

Sisyphus batch #50.50: American Imperial Stout is being served up in 10 oz pours and is only available at the tap room.

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