Kinney Creek looks to “Fire up the Brewery” with Kickstarter

I have always wondered why nobody has ever started a brewery in the beautiful “untapped” market of Rochester, MN. I always figured that with plenty of people and lots of restaurants, a local brewery would fit in nicely in Rochester. Well, it looks like that day might finally be coming.

Donovan Sietz is starting Kinney Creek Brewery in the town that Mayo built. But, starting a brewery is not cheap, so he is looking to the community to contribute to his kickstarter campaign. Brewery Kickstarters make sense, right? If you want some locally brewed beer, you can throw a little money that way and help make sure it happens.

Kickstarter fundraisers are becoming the “it” way to raise money for local breweries. Bemidji Brewing had great success, so did Lucid Brewing, and Hayes Public House has almost reached its $5,000 goal.

Check out the info below on the rewards. They have cool stuff like coozies, growlers, and special brews. These rewards are all very nice, but getting to taste Kinney Creek brews like Mega Mocha Stout, Smoked Porter, and Honey Blonde will be the best reward of all.

1016 7th St NW
Rochester, Minnesota 55901



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