Better Beer Society Unveils New Classes for BBSU

After providing years of education on beer to craft beer fans who are thirsty for more knowledge (get it?), the Better Beer Society has unveiled a new format to their classes and have started enrollment into their new programs. The announcement came today with this message from BBS’ Founder and Certified Cicerone® Rob Shellman:12321467_1004799352895636_5234161014166230575_n

“We are excited to announce that beginning this spring term, Better Beer Society University is further expanding it’s program to include a new, 200 level advanced course, as well as a professional track for individuals considering a career in the hospitality, food and beverage industries.”

The well-known classes held in recent semesters at Republic 7 Corners have featured classes that explore different angles of the industry and brought in guests from across the country such as Ray Daniels of the Cicerone Certification Program and Sean Paxton, “The Homebrew Chef.” The program’s focus was originally designed to provide a variety of topics that would never repeat so as to continue education for their student base over multiple semesters. In the new format however, these classes will become a consistent beer 101 course. This course will consist of static core classes aimed at providing a good knowledge base upon which to build their knowledge in the advanced courses. This class is 9 weeks long. will repeat every semester.

11924972_956912434350995_2879725898963876749_nTo put the ‘U’ in BBSU, the program will now offer advanced courses, which will be shorter and more intensely focused on specific topics like homebrewing, Belgian beer, or food & beer pairing. These advanced courses will consist of three 90-minute classes at a variety of venues such as the Lake Monster taproom and Surly’s Beerhall.

Today’s announcement also refers to a “professional track” which has yet to be unveiled, but will serve as a more specific training program tailored for those who already work or are looking to start a new career in the beer or restaurant industry.

As usual, all of BBSU’s classes are taught be Certified Cicerone’s® as leading industry experts. This semester’s instructors include the long-standing instructor for the program, Michael Agnew (A Perfect Pint), as well as newer faces Frank Roy (Artisan Beer Co), Sean Cooke (Lake Monster Brewing Co), and Shaun Kopp (Better Beer Society).

For those interested in signing up, BBSU’s 100-level class is open for enrollment at

Advanced courses will be open for enrollment soon.





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Sean is a Certified Cicerone® and restaurant consultant with the Better Beer Society. He has an expansive knowledge of beer styles, history, and pairings and advocates for support of local craft brewers. Follow Sean on twitter: @TCBeerDude for no reason at all!