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Twin Cities newest brewery, Bad Weather Brewing Company, will be launching Thursday March 21st at the Uptown Republic in Calhoun Square.

Bad Weather is part of a brewing collective called an alternating proprietorship. This sort of arrangement is new to the Twin Cities craft brewing community. This means Bad Weather brews alongside the folks from Lucid Brewing and Badger Hill Brewing, on the brewhouse that Lucid owns in Minnetonka. This is not contract brewing. This is a cooperative of like-minded brewers bringing new and exciting beers to the Twin Cities market while each controlling the quality of their individual product.

“I believe that Minnesota is one of the most exciting places to be a beer lover right now,” says Bad Weather’s co-founder Zac Carpenter. “Not because we currently have the best beers or the most beers, but because we get to witness the birth of a great beer culture that will someday very soon rival those in Portland and Denver. It is an honor to be part of that growth and Bad Weather Brewing Company is ready to become a pillar in this market.”

Bad Weather Brewing Co-Founders

Bad Weather Brewing Co-Founders, Joe Giambruno & Zac Carpenter

They are building the brewery on the excitement of seasonal brews, while offering one year-round beer, WINDVANE, to keep them anchored. This gives Bad Weather the opportunity to play with interesting beer concepts that will evolve right alongside the Minnesota seasons. They want to be un-tethered with their beer choices. Like most bad weather, the beers will be unexpected.

“Style guidelines have never been our thing. While styles are important for understanding beer and very helpful in the development of recipes, you won’t find a beer list that reads; Bad Weather Kolsch, Bad Weather Stout, Bad Weather Brown ale.” Says Co-Founder Joe Giambruno “There is nothing wrong with brewing to style, but that’s not who we are. We want our beers to tell the drinker a story, to set the mood. We want our finished beers to be justified by the experience, and not necessarily if it meets the criteria of a particular style. This is a craft we love, we want our drinkers to enjoy it as much as we do.”

The brewery’s year-round flagship, WINDVANE, is a malt-sturdy and highly hopped Minnesota red ale. Their first seasonal, OMINOUS, is a dark storm of a beer: large, intense and one to watch out for. Their description of the their first two beers are as follows…

Minnesota Red Ale
Our one flagship release WINDVANE stands strong through all types of weather and is a great fit for all seasons. Pouring a deep brilliant red, this beer has everything you want in a flagship. American hops give WINDVANE a swift bitterness with piney, citrus and resinous flavors. Caramel and rye malts, as well as a touch of roasted barley add layers to this brew, giving it a strong malt shoulder to back up the hops.

Midwest Warmer
Clouds grow darker, the wind kicks up whitecaps on the lake, birds seek shelter — the weather is not looking good. Thankfully OMINOUS is the perfect beer for this situation. Warming from the inside out, it’s a good reason to stay indoors. At 7.5% abv, this Midwest Warmer has the layers to stand up to the most frigid of winter nights or rain-soaked spring days. American, English and Belgian malts come together to satisfy the soul with rich, nutty, roasted flavors. Dark candi sugar brings out hints of dates, raisins, plum and chocolate. OMINOUS is a dark storm of a beer – big, intense and something to keep your eye on.

Keep on the lookout for future releases from Bad Weather. Expect to see something refreshing and unique for their spring/early summer release. A summer beer favorite that will be great for both the hot summer days and the cool nights around the fire. A fall harvest beer will be released before OMINOUS makes a return this fall. They also are hoping for some fun one-offs in 750 mL’s when possible. Look for the beer in the twin cities area initially on draft with plans to bottle sometime in the summer.

Be a part of Bad Weather Brewing Company’s launch events. The Uptown Republic will host their launch party March 21st from 4-7pm. Drinks will be $3 from 4-6 and they will showcase both WINDVANE and OMINOUS as well as special casks of both beers. Also, The Happy Gnome in St. Paul is hosting their annual Firkin Fest on March 30th. Bad Weather Brewing will be there pouring a special firkin of dry hopped WINDVANE.

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