MN House to Hear Omnibus Liquor Bill, Vote on Sunday Liquor Sales Amendment

The House version of the omnibus liquor bill is on the calendar to be heard on Tuesday, April 28th. It turns out it’s the same as the Senate, the House has decided to adopt the Senate version of the bill, S.F. 1238.

Pursuant to House Rule 3.33, a prefiling requirement for amendments offered to this bill has been established by the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration. It is the chief author’s intent to substitute the House language.
S. F. No. 1238, (Senate Authors: Metzen, Housley and Hoffman. House Authors: Sanders; Dehn, R.; Hoppe; Theis; Smith and others. Companion to H. F. No. 1090.) A bill for an act relating to liquor; recodifying statutes related to certain licensees; regulating the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages; authorizing various liquor licenses; amending Minnesota Statutes 2014, sections 340A.101, by adding a subdivision; 340A.22; 340A.301; 340A.404, subdivisions 2, 10; 340A.503, subdivision 6; 340A.504, subdivision 3; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 340A. Substituted for H. F. No. 1090.First Engrossment.Senate printed page No. 17.

The House will surely hear an amendment on Sunday liquor sales during the omnibus hearing. Most people agree that the odds are good in the House for an amendment to pass. House Speaker Kurt Daudt has expressed his support, and the grassroots movement toward repeal has support at the legislature from both sides of the aisle.

Leave a message for your House Reps and let them know this issue is important.
You can find their contact info here.

The Senate made great strides toward repeal, but sparked outrage when they ultimately came up a few votes shy.



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