Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson Supports Sunday Alcohol Sales

Jeff Johnson for GovernorMinnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson Supports Sunday Alcohol Sales.


We reached out to gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson last week via twitter to ask him about his stance on Sunday alcohol sales and brewpub distribution. His reply was a refreshing affirmative on Sunday sales, and a request to know more about brewpub distribution.

Things are busy around here, so we haven’t had a chance to talk to Jeff about brewpub distribution yet. But, this is surely a good sign that we might have some leaders thinking about the wishes of the Minnesota consumers, rather than special interest lobbyists.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson is a former Minnesota House Assistant Majority Leader. He currently sits on the board of Hennepin County, and represent the 7th district.

You can find out more about Jeff and his gubernatorial campaign at http://johnsonforgovernor.org/.

*This is not an official endorsement*



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