Chop and Brew Launches Online Superstore

Former news guy, former Northern Brewer guy, current Summit Brewing guy Chip Walton’s latest project, Chop and Brew, is picking up steam. For almost a year Chip has been taking the format he pioneered at Brewing TV and expanding it, making it better.

The Chop and Brew web show is focused on cooking and home brewing. With a rotating cast of friends Chip has covered some great topics, from makin’ bacon to washing yeast. The show is only going to get better, too. In an upcoming episode Chip travels to Austin, TX to film home brewing die-hard, P. Berry, brew his 1000th batch.

As a way to include fans of the show, and help fund further adventures like the P. Berry saga, Chip is launching the Chop and Brew Superstore. Ok, it only has t-shirts so far, but he has plans to expand it in the future with stickers, and possibly some brewing and chopping swag.

Below: A video we shot a while back when Chop and Brew was just getting off the ground.



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