Indeed Debuts Rum King & Mosaic 2014

Fall is a wonderful season for beer drinkers. 1006141558Breweries switch over from the light summer ales and pull out the big guns. Oktoberfests, Pumpkin Spice, and Fresh Hops. Oh My!

Indeed’s new beers proved to be nothing short of excellent, as can be expected from the Northeast Minneapolis brewery recently awarded a silver medal at GABF 2014. This season’s releases, Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA and Rum King Imperial Stout could not be more different, but are each spectacular in their own regards.1006141550


Let’s start with the hoppier of the selections. Autumn’s promise of fresh-hopped ales is always a treat to look forward to. Indeed’s Mosaic features, no surprise, Mosaic hops, which bring an unusual mix of fruit and earth flavors to the party. The beer arrives to the bar with a deep rich golden hue and a frothy full white head, which clings to the glass and leaves a nice lacing. The aroma teases the senses with robust hop notes of wet wood and grass and a hint of light citrus peel. The flavor mirrors the aroma note-for-note delivering big grassy, dank hop flavors and mellowing to reveal honeydew melon and blueberry flavors from the hop and a slight graham cracker sweetness from the malt. The beer finishes clean with a touch of residual bitterness as if to remind you that you are drinking an American IPA. As the beer warms, notes of over-ripened herbs, cotton candy, and young grapefruit peek through the hop-forward pale ale. I would highly recommend this to all the hop heads out there. This beer is already on tap at a few places around town and should be in stores soon.

Rum King1006141644

If you happen to be Jack Sparrow, sorry…Captain Jack Sparrow, and find yourself with a distinct and ongoing shortage of rum, I do have a solution for you. Bring your barrels to Indeed and have them make you something like Rum King.

If malt-forward beers with big, bold flavors if more up your alley, then this is going to be the beer for you. Weighing in at 10.5% ABV, this is a heavy hitter of a beer and has the flavors to back it up. This beer arrives to the table with a body black as night and a light brown head that foreshadows the bold adventure upon which you are about to embark. The aroma gives away the high alcohol content and features flavors such as spiced rum, vanilla, caramel, sweet raisin, and tobacco. The flavor itself is packed full of the same rum and raisin flavors, supplemented with a caramel and chocolate backbone. Notes of brown sugar and espresso bitterness round out this beer for a robust, but balanced flavor. As you finish your sip, the high ABV warms your body and finishes dryer than expected. This is a perfect beer for those first chilly nights leading up to the winter.

Your first chance to get Rum King bottles will be at the 3rd Annual Indeed Brewing Hullabaloo. The party is taking place at the brewery this Saturday, October 11th, from 12:00-10:00pm. Festivities include special beer tappings, music, and food.

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Indeed Brewing Hulabaloo



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