Finch’s Beer Co. flies into the Minnesota beer market

Finch’s Beer Co. is making their Minnesota debut this week with a calendar full of events and tastings.

Finch’s Beer Co. has been brewing quality craft beer in Chicago since 2011 primarily for the local Illinois consumers. Their distribution partnership with Artisan Beer Company is making the Windy City brew to available to Minnesota beginning this week.

Part of how we evaluate markets relies heavily on the can presence and the quality of the beer in the market. We’re incredibly excited to be in the Minnesota market for both of those reasons, and being one of the first Chicago breweries to take beer to Minnesota will be very cool. Artisan Beer Company represents incredible brands and we’re excited to be considered among such an elite group. – Benjamin Finch

Although a fairly young brewery at only 3 years, Finch’s is highly regarded. They’ve won gold medals for their IPA and stout. The Finch’s core beers are Golden Wing Blonde Ale, Cutthroat Pale Ale, Threadless IPA, Secret Stache Stout, and Fascist Pig Ale. The pale ale and blonde ale may not make to the Minnesota this year, but the rest of the lineup as well as limited-edition specialties are already showing up on store shelves and in pubs.



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