Brewed in Minnesota

CHUX, a professional design and custom apparel design and production shop in St. Louis Park, MN, has a passion. A passion for beer. And the people that brew it. Especially in Minnesota. From that passion grew the vision for Brewed in Minnesota.

While working with several Minnesota brewers on identity development, website design, and apparel production, CHUX began to recognize craft, care and customization that is the art of micro brewing. And a thirst was born for Minnesota brewers and the beer they create. The Brewed in Minnesota brand was born.
The idea for Brewed in Minnesota developed from work they were doing with local brewers – each of which has their own approach to the qualities of beer, but all of whom shared the passion of crafting the very best they had to offer. And the pride they took from being a Minnesota brewer.
While Brewed in Minnesota started on the back of a business card, it quickly grew into an identity that resonated with people at Chux, with brewers and the passionate people who enjoy beer, including home brewers passionate about their own creations.
Knowing that craft beer – both brewing and consuming – is all about collaboration and sharing with those around you, CHUX asked for input from some of their artistic beer friends and with their help they came up with a vision for their brand.
The momentum is gathering and the community is growing. CHUX and local brewers are hooking up to put BiMN products and Minnesota beer together on shelves to promote the quality and passion put into every beer Brewed in Minnesota.
Now you can drink local and wear local, all while supporting beer Brewed in Minnesota. Look for
Brewed in Minnesota products at select MN breweries, retailers, craft beer events, and online at



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Andrew is just a guy that likes beer. You can usually find him on the twitters or spending time with his family.