Minnesota gubernatorial candidates begin to address Sunday liquor sales

Minnesota gubernatorial candidates begin to address Sunday liquor sales during the first of five gubernatorial debates.

Midway through the debate Minnesota DFL Governor Mark Dayton, Republican Jeff Johnson, and Independence Party candidate Hannah Nicollet all expressed support for allowing Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota. Dayton and and Nicollet cited religious diversity and convenience. Johnson, frustrated, blamed the DFL controlled legislature for not passing a Sunday alcohol sales provision during the last biennium, a sentiment that was echoed by Sen. Michelle Bensen on twitter.

The comments on religious diversity made by Dayton and Nicollet might have addressed the reasons Minnesota instituted the Blue Laws, but in recent years the most vocal opposition to repealing our Sunday off-sale prohibition has come from special interest groups.

One thing is certain, the issue of repealing Sunday liquor sales is more popular with Minnesota voters than ever before. Governor Dayton seemed to take a stronger stance than last session when Dayton said he would sign a Sunday sales bill if one made it to his desk. With four more debates left to go his position on Sunday liquor sales could use a bit more definition.

A governor pushing for Sunday liquor sales will help move the issue forward, but a Sunday liquor sales bill doesn’t just materialize on a desk. If an effort to modernize the liquor code is to be successful the bill will likely need to travel through committees in both Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate.



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