Big Brew Day

Homebrewing is the roots that the current craft beer explosion has grown from. Driven by the need to create a different beer experience from what was previously offered. Driven by the need to bring beer back to your neighborhood. Driven by the need to be creative on your terms. Bringing beer from what was just a social tool into a culture of flavor experiences.
The AHA, in lines with National Homebrew Day (May 7th), support and organize Big Brew. This will be the second year for me to attend a Big Brew event. Its a way to get homebrewers together and showcase the varied skills and tools of the homebrew nation. I take this as a learning opportunity. Or perhaps it is an opportunity to perpetuate my sickness. Whatever it may be, it is a great way to see the process of making your own beer. From entry level extract to full all grain multi-step mashing.
There are 9 events in Minnesota registered with the AHA ( in 2013. I will be attending the event put on by Lucid Brewing in Minnetonka. An estimated 7,100 people celebrated the AHA National Homebrew Day at 254 registered sites in May 2012. 1,500 batches created 11,200 gallons of homebrew, enjoyed around the world. Nine countries participated with registered AHA Big Brew sites, including 44 of the United States. The event is limited to 150 attendees. So if you are interested in learning or brewing you must register @ and follow the directions. There are events at Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies and Still H20 as well. I have attended as a spectator to all of these events. Great info from knowledgeable brewers. Usually some snacks and samples are available. Its a family friendly environment.
The AHA always suggests a few recipes for big brew. Obviously you can brew ANYTHING you want for that day. The recipes are provided here @ They are a Belgian Blonde, English Dark Mild and a Classic American Pilsner designed by local AHA and Primary Fermenters member Kyle Sisco. They supply recipes for both extract and all grain versions.
I encourage you to seek out one of these events. Especially if you are interested in taking up a wonderful hobby such as homebrewing. I hear that the weather will also be very nice in coming days! Hey, who doesn’t want to be outside in May. I will have my brewing equipment. Stop out to Lucid (don’t forget to register) and say hi. There will be representatives from a few local Clubs including Minnesota Home Brewers Association and Primary Fermenters. Cheers and happy fermenting!



About the author

Paul is a devoted father and husband, big-time Minnesota Twins fan, and award winning home brewer. He is an avid beer lover and memeber of the Minnesota Home Brewers Association. He can be found tweeting about any of the above topics at @zip100473