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New Surly Brewing Site Likely Hinges on Environmental Remediation Grant Approval

Surly Brewing is hoping to build on the site of a former food processing plant near University Ave. in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. However, there is several million dollars worth of clean up to do before Minnesota’s dream brewery can become a reality.

Harriet Brewing Rauchfest Contest Results

Congrats to Jeff & Emily, winners of the Harriet Brewing Rauchfest ticket contest. Checkout the winning picture submissions

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. Selects Local Distribution Partner

“It isn’t just about delivering beer, we enjoy the relationships with our retail partners,”
says Dan Schwarz, CEO, Lift Bridge Brewing Co. “We have come a long way from
delivering beer out of the back of a mini-van. This is a big step forward and we are
excited to work with the team…

Harriet Rauchfest Ticket Contest

We had a couple tickets to Rauchfest fall in our hands, so we decided to have a ticket contest.

Badger Hill Brewing Announces Launch of 12oz Bottles

Badger Hill Brewing has announced that its flagship craft beers MSB & Three Tree American Rye are now available in 12-oz bottles. Its Foundation Stout, will be bottled later this fall.

Nordeast Big River Brew Fest

East Side Neighborhood Services is hosting the second annual Nordeast Big River Brew Fest outside the historic Grain Belt Bottling House on the corner of 13th Ave. NE and Marshall St. NE in Minneapolis on October 13, 2012 from 1-4 p.m.

Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub to Open

Jamie, Amy, and Bryce are just days away from opening the first brewpub in Minneapolis in a good decade. And, from the looks of things the long wait could definitely be worth it.

Gluten Free and Good?!

In the spirit of Nation Celiac Awareness Day, here is a chat with Widmer Brothers Co-Founder, Rob Widmer, about one of its beers, a gluten free brew named Omission.