Sunday Liquor Sales Amendment Fails in MN House

It is that time of year. The time of year where Minnesota consumers get an honest look at who represents their shopping interests at the Capitol. The time of year when Minnesota legislators discuss Sunday liquor sales.

2016 house vote

Rep Jenifer Loon offered an amendment to what Joe Hoppe called his omnibus liquor licensing bill, HF3699. After lengthy debate and a quick vote, the amendment ultimately failed and was not attached to Rep Hoppe’s larger liquor bill.

Unhappy with the vote?


Though the language of the amendment was more restrictive then the language voted upon last year, there were actually more people who switched from a “yes” vote to a “no” vote than the other way around. Here is the breakdown:

From Yes to No (9)
-Isaacson (absent on 4/28/15)

From No to Yes (7)

How new legislators voted
-Ecklund voted No (formerly held by Dill who also voted no)
-Flanagan voted No (formerly held by Winkler who also voted no)
– Anderson, C voted Yes (formerly held by Lenczewski who voted no)



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